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Play Anywhere license

No Subscription, Pay for what Unique in the industry, we have our very own Play Anywhere License – TV, Film, YouTube, Tik-Tok

Exclusive, Original Music

Our Artist have been hand picked and offer Original, Exclusive music to iConSound. Stand Out from the crowd.

No Subscription

No Subscription, Pay for what you need. Who needs another monthly cost?

Exclusive tracks, Use Anyhere

1Growing library of music

Our Library is growing, like any new business we put our heart and soul into it. We want iConSound to be your go to destination for royalty free, play anywhere music

2Supporting All artists

We are always looking for new music, and we offer great profit share rates. Submit any enquires via our contact page

3 Stream Deck Compatible

If you own a Stream Deck/Loupe Deck we supply a great set of icons enabling you to queue your music ready for your Stream/Studio software.

4No more Copyright Strikes

Buying your music from iConSound ensures you wont have to worry about Copyright strikes. All music found here is Exclusive and unique.